Struggling to taste your favourite juice anymore?

Posted by Ann-Marie Neeld on

We get asked about this time and time again. Let's talk about VAPE TONGUE! Also called Vapers Fatigue, this condition can strike unexpectedly without warning. Typically lasting 1-3 days, but on occasion up to two weeks without being able to taste your vape.
In the same way you can't smell that air freshener that you've had plugged in for the past week, your sense of taste (alike smell) can become fatigued and block the taste of that familiar favourite.
How do we fix it? Ensure you're well hydrated, clean your tongue and ensure you're not suffering from minor conditions such as Oral Thrush. Done that? MIX IT UP! Try an alternate flavour. Vapers of Mentholated or Iced flavours are statistically less likely to suffer the condition - however, any drastic change in flavour is likely to kick that olfactory system back into check.