Chronic Candy 200mg Chocolate Budz

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Chronic Candy Hemp Chocolate Buds are the new line of CBD infused chocolate treats from Chronic Candy. These delicacies not only look identical to some chronic strains, above all they also have the benefits of CBD. Since CBD is in the chocolate, you can use it to discreetly get your dose of CBD without having to seek somewhere to vape or take an obvious tincture. 

Ingredients: White Chocolate, Cereal Crisps, CBD, Flavourings.

Instructions: Follow label directions. Start with one or two buds, depending on your weight and your experience with CBD.

CBD edibles cause minimal or no side effects, including no intoxicating effects. Flavour provided may vary from those in illustration. CBD is intended as a food supplement, NOT as medicine or for the purpose of treating illness or disease.